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How my customers are describing their experience:

Ben is a wonderful trainer and an even better man!Highly recommend taking your dog to him to train. He was so patient with my daughters as they learned how to train their dogs. Thank you Mr. Ben!

Joey Roland

Ben Jackson, owner and trainer at Ben’s K-9 Obedience Training, began his journey in dog training some thirteen years ago. He had an 125 pound German Shepherd dog that snapped at another customer at the vet and  had to be sedated for his examination. His vet recommended some obedience training, so he enrolled in obedience classes at Pet Partners, not knowing anything about dog training.. Bobby Pollock, owner of Pet Partners in Roland,OK commented that he should have taken a video when Bear and Ben first came for training, both stressed to the max, and then take another video of them a year later.

Bear went all the way from Companion Obedience training. to Basic Obedience (heeling) to Off Leash training, to protection training. According to Bobby Pollock, Bear was the hardest hitting dog that Bobby Pollock had seen in twenty five years of training.

 In the next 13 years, Ben has trained four German Shepherds dogs of his own, two of which had competed successfully in Schutzhund trials both in Tulsa, OK and Fayetteville, AR.  His dogs have received titles of BH, IPO 1 OBEDIENCE, AND TRACKING. His newest addition, Bella, will be going for her IPO1 OBEDIENCE  AND TRACKING titles in Spring of 2018 if not earlier. Any given Saturday you will find Ben at Pet Partners fine tuning his dog training skills, where he is being mentored by Bobby Pollock.  He has a library of over 100 tapes on dog training.

Ben and his wife, Elreda, simply love dogs and got involved in rescue and adoption. They try to put the  right  person with the right dog, If possible. a few years ago they picked up a beautiful German shepherd that had been abandoned. Elreda even picked up a small dog dog  in the Western Sizzlin parking lot  that she thought had been abandoned. Truth was that he lived next to Western Sizzler, and could smell the steaks. Before the night was over, Bear and this new dog were best friends, playing and chasing each other around. Bear was very sad when, the next day, the other dog had to be returned to its rightful owner.

A German Shepherd who had a problems with chasing cows had to be re-homed. Ben came to the rescue: Kimber is now with  another family and doing well. With Ben and Elreda, it is not just about correction and obedience, it is about PASSION. Ben puts his heart and soul into the training of your dog and treats each dog as his very own.

Ben retired from full time ministry in 2010 as outreach Pastor at a Local Church after 23 years of full time ministry. He and his wife Elreda have been married for 32 years, and they have three children.

They recently accepted a leadership role at the Bridge Church in Fort Smith, AR. They love to travel and Ben Loves BBQ and steak. Their passion other than their Faith in Christ is playing with their dogs. Ben also loves to build things, while Elreda paints them.

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Trainer: Ben Jackson

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