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K-9 TRAINING COURSES We offer 4 levels of K-9 Training to fit your needs.

If puppy training is grade school, companion obedience is Junior high, and basic obedience (heeling) is high school, then OFF LEASH TRAINING  is College Level.  It takes everything you and your dog have learned so far, and helps you re-visit and re-establish everything you have learned, in the same time teaching your dog to respond to commands without the leash. It allows you to give a command from anywhere, anytime, and get a positive results. This training class is a ten week course. There is a Graduation certificate upon completion.

A letter from Ben

 In the thirteen years that I have been involved in dog training, I have seen several methods come and go. I well remember what Mike Conley, former Razorback track star and a dog trainer for Northwest Arkansas Schutzhund club, who has competed in  both nationally and Internationally, told me: “Ben there are many ways to train, find the one that works for you.” I have never forgotten that. Methods may vary but the message is the same. The proof of a good, well trained dog, is good, reliable behavior. He are some bullet statements that define the Bens K-9 Obedience Training program:

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It begins after the pup Is weaned until 3rd month

This is a six week course that introduces your new pup to his/her new world. It teaches your puppy the very basics of obedience training. It varies from teaching the pup to lead, to the basic foundation blocks of obedience training, which can aid in future training classes. It aids you to imprint into your puppy’s mind what is expected. When you have finished, he/she will have the social skills to be a well behaved dog. There is a Graduation certificate upon completion.



From three months and up.

Helps you build the basic foundation blocks of training that enable efficient communication between you and your dog. The best way to  describe this is to think of it as an outline. This class teaches all basic commands, nothing in-depth or complicated; it creates the basis for more complex communication between you and your dog. This will get you and your dog to better understand each other. There is a Graduation certificate upon completion.


Intensifies and broadens the Companion Obedience

This class will enable you to take your dog anyplace, anywhere, and anytime with confidence and assurance. Takes the information you have learned with Companion Obedience training to another level. In this class you will learn how to get your dog to automatically respond, to heel and different paces, do turn abouts, proper left turns and right turns, the sit from down and down from sit, sit out of motion and down out of motion, the front recall and what is called the finish, and also sit and down out of sight. This class not only makes your dog an obedient, well trained dog, but prepares you for competition obedience If you should desire. the cherry on the top is that most of these exercises are done without a command..


Trainer: Ben Jackson

Ph: 479-459-5133


Located in Hackett, Arkansas